Saturday, 20 August 2011

Let it go

I have heard so many dog owners talking about having a chatter box in their brain and how that is keeping them away from doing their life purpose. They say that they are listening to the chatter all day and every day and letting it have an immense and intense control on their behaviour and life. What I would say that they should follow my chatter box since mine is complete silent. I am not sure if I shut it up or if its always been closed off. Either way it is working out for me, I dont waste any thoughts on anything. So there, just let it go

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Paw prints vs imprints

My master complains about my paws and its claws. She thinks I am too lazy to lift my legs, which is true. I do as little work as possible. But being lazy is not a good thing. So we had my nails clipped. I felt abondened and hurt since I dont like these places where they groom and make dogs pretty. I am not a pretty dog, I like my old smelly dog smell and it is a comfort in that. I dont want to change but it got done and my master felt proud of herself (I gave it to her). I have to admit I do have an ego, its always been there since I was born. I am a bully (but not a dog who hurts other dogs, only takes pride in knowing what I like). I am kindhearted, a little stubborn and likes to get my butt scratch. Is that too much to ask for! I know my master wishes that I was a little bit different at times and not so single minded on things that doesnt really matter. But this is how I was born, English bulldogs are stubborn, so why should I change that. That requires a lot of time and energy.

When I am going out for a walk to do my thing, I meet up with a lot of people. Some of them loves me and have a chat, others are busy keeping their own dogs on a distance so they dont bark at me. Why are all these dogs always barking at me? I am starting to doubt myself: maybe I should take a deeper look at my life and the way I think and act. If I change a few things in the way I view myself I might get along with more dogs which will make me happier at the end. So I started to take inventory on my thoughts and the imprints I got from my doggy parents. I had to spend some time to research my way of thinking and how that relates to getting along with other dogs. I will get back to that later. It really helped. 

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Commitment to self

I have to admit that I have a lazy DNA by nature, but that had to go in order for me to be a happier dog. I had to say no to laziness for a few weeks in order to get myself to land on my paws and feel like the thousand dollar dog I truly am. I had to learn to be less selfish, stubborn and start letting other dogs initiating the first sniff when we meet. I watched how other dogs did the dog dance, and how they befriended eachother. So I tried this out, I just stood there in peace letting the other dog initiate first contact by sniffing and when the dog felt somewhat confident with the way I smelled, I joined in the sniffing fest. This formula really works most of the time which makes me both surprised and happy.  I felt like I belonged to a group and I stopped having as many negative thoughts about myself. The only person suffering now might be my master since I get pretty cocky after my successful encounters with my peers. Oh well, zz zzzz zzzzzz. She is always there for me so I do not have to waste a brain cell worrying about that.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Being myself

So here I am fed up after dinner and ready to go outside for a little walk. I always have to rush out after dinner. While being outside I am meeting all these different dogs, all having their own unique styles and looks. I am just minding my own business and doing my own thing and the dogs start to bark all over the place, directed towards me. I don’t know why, I am not sniffing them or being obnoxious, just being myself. So they get agitated, upset and waste their energy on things that I don’t really care about. I think they are stupid since they are letting me have that power over them. They don’t know me, they might think I look different but why would you judge and waste energy on things you do not know. But they do, and they continue barking and I am learning everyday that I don’t have time for small petty things like that. And when I come home I will lie down and have a nap, because that is something I want to waste time on!!