Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Commitment to self

I have to admit that I have a lazy DNA by nature, but that had to go in order for me to be a happier dog. I had to say no to laziness for a few weeks in order to get myself to land on my paws and feel like the thousand dollar dog I truly am. I had to learn to be less selfish, stubborn and start letting other dogs initiating the first sniff when we meet. I watched how other dogs did the dog dance, and how they befriended eachother. So I tried this out, I just stood there in peace letting the other dog initiate first contact by sniffing and when the dog felt somewhat confident with the way I smelled, I joined in the sniffing fest. This formula really works most of the time which makes me both surprised and happy.  I felt like I belonged to a group and I stopped having as many negative thoughts about myself. The only person suffering now might be my master since I get pretty cocky after my successful encounters with my peers. Oh well, zz zzzz zzzzzz. She is always there for me so I do not have to waste a brain cell worrying about that.

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